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You will now get to learn the colors in Japanese.

あか = Aka = Red
あお = Ao = Blue
こん = Kon = Bark blue
みずいろ = Mizuiro = Light blue
みどり = Midori = Green
きいろ = Kiiro = Yellow
だいだいいろ = Daidaiiro = Orange
ピンク/ももいろ = Pinku/momoiro = Pink
むらさき = Murasaki = Purple
しろ = Shiro = White
ちゃいろ = Chairo = Brown
くろ = Kuro = Black
はいいろ = Haiiro = Gray

More colors might come later at some point but these I think are the most trivial.

Updated 2009-01-07 21:39:23