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Simple phrases And Expressions

We here will show you some normal phrases which will come in handy for a every-day situation.

Ohayou gozaimasu (おはようございます) - Good morning
Konnichiwa (こんにちは) - Hello/Good day (it is pronounced as "konnichi-wa")
Konbanwa (こんばんは) - Good evening (it is pronounced as "konban-wa")
Oyasumi nasai (おやすみんさい) - Good night
Tadaima (ただいま) - I'm home/I'm back
Okaeri nasai (おかえりなさい) - Welcome home/Welcome back (this is the reply to "tadaima")
Irasshaimase (いらっしゃいませ) - Welcome (in shops, ones house, etc)
Itte rasshai (いってらっしゃい) - So long (lit. "go and come back")
Itte mairimasu (いってまいります) - So long (lit. "[I'm] going and coming back." This is the reply to "itte rasshai")
Sayonara (さよなら) - Good bye
Sayounara (さようなら) - Farewell (longer "o" sound than "sayonara")
Shitsurei shimasu (しつれいします) - May I (lit. I'll be so bold as to do so)
Dewa mata/Ja mata (ではまた/じゃまた) - Well then (said informally when parting from friends or relatives)
O-genki desu ka (おげんきですか) - How are you (lit. are you well)
Genki desu (げんきです) - I'm fine
Doumo arigatou gozaimasu (どうもありがとうございます) - Thank you very much
Arigatou (ありがとう) - Thank you (more formal occasion is "arigatou gozaimasu")
Doumo (どうも) - Thanks
Omedetou (おめでとう) - Congratulations (more formal occasion is "omedetou gozaimasu")
O-daijini (おだいじに) - Take care of yourself
Dou itashimashite (どういたしまして) - You're welcome
Sumimasen (すみません) - Excuse me/I'm sorry
Chotto matte kudasai (ちょっとまってください) - Wait just a moment, please
Mou ichido onegaishimasu (もういちどおねがいします) - Once more, please
Osakini (おさきに) - Pardon my going first (before you). (said when leaving something for something else, like the office or a meeting, ahead of other people)
Douzo osakini (どうぞおさきに) - Please, go ahead
Ki o tsukete (こをつけて) - Take care/Be careful
Abunai (あぶない) - Look out (lit. it's dangerous)
Dame desu (だめです) - Out of the question/Impossible/No good
Ganbatte kudasai (がんばってください) - Give it your best/Keep your chin up (said to encourage someone)

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