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Learning Japanese

Konnichiwa (こんにちは). This part is dedicated to some easy-going Japanese for you who want to learn a little about this language. But if you want to learn more advanced stuff you should probably buy a book or a good program of this caliber. We will first begin with simple day-phrases, and go on to how to write and read in Japanese, kana only (hirigana & katakana). Check out the dictionaries if you want to look something up.

NOTE: You will need to have Japanese fonts installed to see the characters on this site. They can normally be found on your operative system disc. If you do not have one you can download the necessary files from your OS homepage. If you have Windows go to Microsoft's site. We have helped you to locate two of the necessary links for windows OS below, take a look and decide whether you want to install them or not.
(NOTE: You will need Office XP if you're going to install "Office XP Tool: Global IME (Japanese)". You can read everything about those things after you clicked the links)

Microsoft Links:
Office XP Tool: Japanese Language Pack
Office XP Tool: Global IME (Japanese)

Dictionary Links:
English - Japanese online dictionary (romaji)
English - Japanese online dictionary (Japanese characters)

Most trivial things:
1. Simple phrases And Expressions
2. Counting/Months/Days
3. Telling Time
4. Particles (Quick Review)
5. Colors

Online lessons - Choose your lesson:
NOTE: Reading the "Most trivial things" first is recommended before starting. That way you would have a good basic ground of understanding the lessons better. Though that's not needed for them, but only as for recommendation.

Lesson 0 - Before you start
Lesson 1 - Introductions
Lesson 2 - Coming and going
Lesson 3 - Counting, day and time (not done yet)

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