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GtkRadiant 1.5.0 Video tutorials by ai

Notice: These video tutorials are kinda old by now as they where recorded in 2009.
Right now Nexuiz and Xonotic uses NetRadiant - a GtkRadiant fork.

So Part 00a, 00b and 05 is plain wrong now. The others should still be valid though. 

Name: Description: Size:
Part 00a - Getting the program Get GtkRadiant 1.5.0. 3.3 MB
Part 00b - Getting the game Get Nexuiz. 13 MB
Part 01 - Intro to UI Learn the UI. 18 MB
Part 02 - Selection Creation Navigation Selection, navigation and object manipulations. 25 MB
Part 03 - Advanced Object Manipulation Manipulate the brushes and creating interesting shapes. 29 MB
Part 04 - Texturing Texture your brushes and how to use 3 important common shaders. 27 MB
Part 05 - Setting up GtkRadiant Downloading latest entities.def from SVN. 9.0 MB
Part 06 - Intro to Entities Create a CTF maps. 22 MB
Special 01 This is a special episode/part. Tips & Tricks. 22 MB

Updated 2011-05-15 21:49:07