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I think I started working on this site backend in late 2005. And started adding content with friends somewhere around 2006(?).
We stopped adding content so many years ago. I think we stopped 2009. But I kept it up because I used the email from this domain for many sites and games.

But no more, does not make any economical sense anymore. And no one is even visiting??? Is anyone reading this?

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"We need more gold!" - Orc from Warcraft
Affro Japan Level Design Final Fantasy

How to speak n00b - Guide

Choose which episode to view.

Episode 01 - Introduction
Episode 02 - Addendum
Episode 03 - Understanding the n00b
Episode 04 - Like Jane Goodall
Episode 05 - The N00b as a Pet
Episode 06 - N00b Migration
Episode 07 - N00b is contagious
Episode 08 - The Regressive N00b
Episode 09 - The n00b's abilities
Episode 10 - N00b : Flu :: Asshat : Ebola Virus

Taken from Originally from Taodyn. We all thank you for your guides and great knowledge. This will definitely come in handy when coming across of one such spieces.

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