The site is being shut down 2023-09-29!

I think I started working on this site backend in late 2005. And started adding content with friends somewhere around 2006(?).
We stopped adding content so many years ago. I think we stopped 2009. But I kept it up because I used the email from this domain for many sites and games.

But no more, does not make any economical sense anymore. And no one is even visiting??? Is anyone reading this?

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"Oh, a peace offering, is it? Very well... What say you trim those gin-soaked whiskers and bring me some plutonium?" - Stewie Griffin in Family Guy
Affro Japan Level Design Final Fantasy


You will now get to learn the colors in Japanese.

あか = Aka = Red
あお = Ao = Blue
こん = Kon = Bark blue
みずいろ = Mizuiro = Light blue
みどり = Midori = Green
きいろ = Kiiro = Yellow
だいだいいろ = Daidaiiro = Orange
ピンク/ももいろ = Pinku/momoiro = Pink
むらさき = Murasaki = Purple
しろ = Shiro = White
ちゃいろ = Chairo = Brown
くろ = Kuro = Black
はいいろ = Haiiro = Gray

More colors might come later at some point but these I think are the most trivial.

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