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Telling Time

Telling time in Japanese isn't that hard, in fact it's easier than English (my opinion).

First you will get some simple explanation to what you will encounter.
-ji - O'clock
-fun, -pun - Minute
han - Half
ima - Now
nani-ji - What time
gozen - A.M.
gogo - P.M.
Ima nan-ji desu ka? - What time is it now?

Here is the actual time telling part.
1-ji - 1 o'clock
2-ji - 2 o'clock
3-ji - 3 o'clock
4-ji - 4 o'clock
5-ji - 5 o'clock
6-ji - 6 o'clock
7-ji - 7 o'clock
8-ji - 8 o'clock
9-ji - 9 o'clock
10-ji - 10 o'clock
1-ji han - Half past 1 (lit. 1 o'clock half)
3-ji han - Half past 3
5-ji han - Half past 5
7-ji han - Half past 7
9-ji han - Half past 9
50-pun - 50 minutes
1-ji 40-pun - 1.40
6-ji 10-pun - 6.10
gogo 7-ji 35-pun - 7.35 P.M.
gozen 10-ji han - 10.30 A.M.

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