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I think I started working on this site backend in late 2005. And started adding content with friends somewhere around 2006(?).
We stopped adding content so many years ago. I think we stopped 2009. But I kept it up because I used the email from this domain for many sites and games.

But no more, does not make any economical sense anymore. And no one is even visiting??? Is anyone reading this?

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GtkRadiant 1.5.0 Video tutorials by ai

Notice: These video tutorials are kinda old by now as they where recorded in 2009.
Right now Nexuiz and Xonotic uses NetRadiant - a GtkRadiant fork.

So Part 00a, 00b and 05 is plain wrong now. The others should still be valid though. 

Name: Description: Size:
Part 00a - Getting the program Get GtkRadiant 1.5.0. 3.3 MB
Part 00b - Getting the game Get Nexuiz. 13 MB
Part 01 - Intro to UI Learn the UI. 18 MB
Part 02 - Selection Creation Navigation Selection, navigation and object manipulations. 25 MB
Part 03 - Advanced Object Manipulation Manipulate the brushes and creating interesting shapes. 29 MB
Part 04 - Texturing Texture your brushes and how to use 3 important common shaders. 27 MB
Part 05 - Setting up GtkRadiant Downloading latest entities.def from SVN. 9.0 MB
Part 06 - Intro to Entities Create a CTF maps. 22 MB
Special 01 This is a special episode/part. Tips & Tricks. 22 MB

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